15+ Building Project Pics That Make You Surprise


Time will do the wounds in my heart. And time also causes construction works to change dramatically. In the images comparing opposing moments, we all see all good developments. We hope you will have a pleasant experience.

#1. Hungarian Hobbit Village!In fact, these picturesque cellars with their characteristic triangle-shaped doors belong to the well-known Tokaj Wine Region. Swabians established the village in the 18th century, and they played a crucial role in the evolution of viticulture.

#2. Paris Eiffel tower ,then and now.

#3. Singapore then and now.

#4. When gamers become civil engineer

#5. What do you think ?

#6. Sao paulo then and now.

#7. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 1970 And Now

#8. Before and after

By @ebaumsworld

#9. Look at the Toyota tower

#10. View of ancient city of Efes

#11. The San Boldo Pass (in Italian Passo San Boldo, formerly Passo Sant’Ubaldo and Umbaldopass) is a small mountain pass in Veneto between the towns of Trichiana [329 m (1,079 ft)] and Tovena in the Cison di Valmarino region [272 m (892 ft)] over a distance of 17 km (11 mi).

#12. Dubai! The palm

#13. La sagrada Familla Barcelona then and now

#14. Any comments on this control tower?

#15. Mention your friends

#16. Dubai 2005 vs 1991

#17. Denmark ?? New observation tower

#18. Concept ! What do you think about this designing concept

#19. Great before and after

#20. It’s True?

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