15+Failed Pics That Are Confusing But Still Occur


Construction work is one of the jobs that need very much work items and the supervision of engineers. No one can think that they can make these mistakes, but in reality on the construction site for many reasons may be due to the lack of design, the incorrect … all have to pay for the quality.  Sometimes it is difficult to fix when completed. We have gathered to send you one of the issues that most people discuss

  1. here’s a secret door

2. Electrical conduit through beam. Wrong.. wrong.. wrong. Conduit sleeves should never be located in beams. Must be in slabs.

3. Taking care of my debts and giving my kids the best financially is what I’ve long waited for.

4. What a joke

5. Staircase disaster

6. Strengthening column with metal braces

7. Wrong?❌ or Acceptable?✅

8. Brotherhood providing the Safety

9. What might be the reason for this failure?

10. safety completely oversighted

11. Truely

12. Plumbing mistake

13. I think it’s Shear Failure in Column

14. Staircase Failure ?

15. What might be the reason for Failure ??

16. The Hidden beam is a means to describe the load dispersion on to supporting slab.

17. Who’s fault is it?

18. Bamboo used as reinforcement

19. Definitely wrong

20. High point load I guess

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