20 Pics On Site That You Make Some Questions In Your Minds


We have gathered 20 pictures of construction on the site that make you think and ask a few questions in your mind. We hope you will gain some experience for yourself.

#1. When an engineer find a solution for an architectural mistake.

#2. Kitchen layouts

#3. I was wondering how I’m going to get the 16mm pipes from the heating to the ground. Either one system or the other, both don’t work

#4. Gound water recharge

#5. Concrete is different

#6. Let’s hope that rope has enough tensile Strength ❤️I post interesting civil engineering and architecture videos and facts and information for Field work and design please 

#7. Underwater Tunnel

#8. Art plumping pipes

#9. Street art, creative works!


#11. Lovely and not so much expensive

#12. Oh shit where’s the tape?

#13. Search Going on for the contractor

#14. Perfect work

#15. Setting out concrete steps

#16. What do you think about this?

#17. Little pig Little pig let me in ?

#18. Clearly faked

#19. Bamboo Arch Bridge

20. When you love building work? And you can do!

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