Creative and a bit crazy design ideas That You NEVER seen


Hey talented designers! Have you ever seen creative and unique design ideas like these? We collect and present to you so that you can widen your eyes in this exciting world. One of those is the great designs.

  1. The dumbest design for a building I have ever seen…too too heavy…a 5.0 earthquake could take it easily…the pyramid is the strongest design for a building

2. Very beautiful?????

3. Awesome Stone Work On This Outside Shower

4. Omg … my house on waterfalls ?

5. I wish the whole world looked like this

6. I know guys, who are Toyota fans and use this as a fact in an argument ? ?

7. Looks like my old slot car track!

8. Concept vs Reality……..

9. In Abu Dhabi UAE, Who can I also work in bulding!

10. Looks like a good tactical place to defend that is all

11. Do you visited the holtel? It ‘s amazing living and so cooling!

12. Beautiful. How stable is that hillside?

13. Copenhagen, Denmark by BIG Archirects… ♥️

14. Wonderful structure

15. OMG amazing design!

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